Home Décor: What Does It Say About You?

Have you ever walked through a boutique and been instantly drawn to a decorative element but don’t know why? At Interiors By Moyanne, we know all about that pull. It’s part of the reason we do what we do. The pieces you choose for your home are more than just accents; they’re a glimpse into your personality and that of the other people living there. Knowing this is also why we do what we do, as helping you create a space that’s reflective of you gives us joy.

How does home décor represent the people who live in the home? Continue reading to learn more.

  • Personal Taste and Style: Home décor outward reflects your preferences. Whether you lean toward eclectic bohemian aesthetics, rustic charm, or futuristic minimalism, your style choice says a lot about your personal tastes. The furniture layout, color scheme, and general atmosphere all work together to create a room that appeals to your sense of beauty.
  • Functionality and Lifestyle: The décor’s usefulness and practicality mirror your way of life. A single professional might concentrate on designing a chic and sophisticated space, while a family with small children might have sturdy and easily cleaned furniture. The furniture placement and the availability of particular amenities provide additional details on your family’s daily routines.
  • Changing Stages of Life: The interior design of a house might change as you do. Marriage, childbirth, or professional achievements may be associated with changes in color schemes, furniture designs, and ornamental accents. The house looks like a visual chronology, capturing the essence of you and the ones who live with you.

Our team understands home décor’s impact on your space and how you live in it, so we take our time getting to know you when creating your interior design plan. Contact us today to learn more.