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We offer a range of custom window treatments to complement all different styles and preferences.

Windows are essential components on any type of structure. A window provides a view to the outside world while allowing natural light to seep into the space. But an uncovered window can make it more difficult to control how much light enters the room or protect the privacy of the interior space. The right window treatments can enhance the natural beauty of a space while serving an important function, and our team at Moyanne Interiors can help you get the ideal coverings for your windows. We work with residential clients located throughout Charlottesville, Virginia to provide custom window treatments.

Custom Window Treatments in Charlottesville, Virginia

More than two decades ago, our company owner began offering high-end interior design services to local property owners. As part of the interior design process, we can design and install custom window treatments that enhance the appeal of the space while providing more control over privacy and natural light. If you want the sun to seep into your living space during the day, you can easily uncover the window and enjoy the natural beauty. If you want more privacy as you retire to bed for the evening, keeping your windows covered with these beautiful treatments is an easy way to make that happen.

We offer a range of custom window treatments to complement all different styles and preferences. You can choose from custom-made blinds and curtains, depending on what you like and what will look best with the style of your space. Contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss your desires for custom window treatments in your home.

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