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Get exactly what you want with our unique custom curtains.

It is hard to overestimate the effect that the proper window treatments can have on the overall design of an interior room. This is particularly true if you have large, oversized, or custom windows. You can have all the right design elements like furniture pieces, room accents, flooring, and lighting elements, but the room won’t feel polished or finished until the design is tied together with window treatments. Custom curtains are one option you have to bring your interior spaces together. They can make a dramatic statement in your rooms, while also offering up the privacy you want and the ambience you need to feel comfortable and at home in your property near Lynchburg, Virginia.

Custom Curtains in Lynchburg, Virginia

Custom curtains give you a premiere opportunity to get exactly what you want in your window treatments. We can discuss your choices for every aspect of your curtains, including:

  • Color: We can help you select rich colors that complement or accentuate other elements of the overall design.
  • Style: From classic interiors to ultramodern, sleek lines, we can help make your vision for your space a reality.
  • Fabric type: We will discuss your goals for the space to help determine the type of fabric. Are you hoping to block UV rays, achieve privacy while still letting some light in, or just improve the aesthetics of the space?
  • Length: One of the best things about custom curtains is that they can come in any length, so if you have dramatic or unusual windows, curtains can be designed for these circumstances.

At Interiors By Moyanne, we can design custom curtains as a standalone project for multiple rooms in your home or business. Or we can take care of a complete design for one room. We can even tackle the entire interior of the property and create a luxurious turnkey design for every room. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

At Interiors By Moyanne, we offer custom curtains for clients in Lynchburg, Charlottesville, Richmond, and Roanoke, Virginia.