3 Custom Shutters You Have to Consider

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When you think of décor additions for your windows, you probably first think of blinds and curtains. The ability to twist open blinds and pull curtains open and closed is pretty typical for most homes. However, you can venture a little out of the norm by adding custom shutters to your windows.

3 Custom Shutters You Have to Consider

Shutters are great for giving your more control over the amount of light and heat let into your home. While there are many kinds of custom shutters to choose from, here are three types of shutters that you should think about adding to your home:

  • Louvered: Louvered shutters are often similar to regular blinds while offering a more unique and creative appearance to your home. The overlapping slats of wood can be easily manipulated into being opened or closed whenever you want.
  • Shaker: Instead of having multiple slats, shaker shutters are typically made of a solid piece of wood or other shutter material. These shutters are great to have on either the interior or exterior of your home and are easy to control and maintain.
  • Board and batten: This style is an older and more classic one when it comes to shutters. Several vertical slats of wood or other materials (boards) are joined together by horizontal bars (battens). You have the opportunity to select from a variety of colors and designs with these shutters.

Custom shutters are a great way to add a splash of color, coordination, and creativity to your home. For more information on shutters and other design projects, give us a call at Interiors By Moyanne today!