3 Interior Design Tips from Our Designer

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At Interiors By Moyanne, we take pride in beautifying spaces with intentional interior design. We are always eager to help you redesign any space in your home, but if you would like to get started with a design project of your own, our designer has the following tips to offer:

  1. Figure out your style—The key to any cohesive design is an identifiable style. Do you prefer designs that are more modern, classic, bohemian, or rustic? What colors do you gravitate towards, and what types of furniture do you like? Knowing your style can guide your design from the beginning.

3 Interior Design Tips from Our Designer

  1. Know your space—In interior design, space planning is the foundation of any good design. Think about the balance of the room and consider establishing zones for different activities. For example, set up a seating area for conversation, a work area for projects and games, and another area for television viewing.
  2. Start from the bottom—While redesigning your space, it can be hard to know where to start. In interior design, we recommend starting from the ground up. Decide on your flooring, whether that means new floors or a selection of rugs. This will set the tone for the design as well as the color palette you choose.

Good design takes time. Remember that it may take multiple attempts to get your interior design exactly how you want it, with plenty of readjusting and rearranging in between.