3 Tips for Beautiful Home Decór

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When choosing to revitalize your home’s interior, you’ll want to come into the project with a sense of your personal style and goals while collaborating with your interior designer. During your initial preparation, it’s best to gather sources of inspiration for home decór by looking through magazines, websites, and stores to assess your preferences. Here are some key areas you’ll want to keep in mind to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result that will match your interior design wants and needs:

3 Tips for Beautiful Home Decór

• Lighting: There are three types of lighting — ambient, task, and eye-catching — and to achieve the most appealing, comfortable atmosphere possible, all three should be utilized along with overhead lighting to achieve the best home decór.

• Focal point: When it comes to home decór, Identifying one strong, striking area or object in each room as a focal point can help maintain cohesiveness in a space while still creating visual interest. Choosing an item that makes a bold statement — often features that can pop like fireplaces, backsplashes, or carpets — will allow the eye to be drawn to this and create a centerpiece to base the rest of the room’s design off of.

• Layers: There are three main layers to a room’s design — and giving attention to each of these elements can elevate the look and feel of a room instantly. A first core layer of large furniture — which can include sofas, rugs, and tables — grounds the space. The second layer, smaller furniture pieces, and third layer, textiles and accessories, help give a room a finished look and feel, and creates a homey, personalized final result.