4 Questions to Ask Estate Sale Companies

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Whether you are downsizing your home or selling the belongings of a loved one who passed on, managing an estate sale can be an emotional, difficult process to carry out alone. When choosing a company to handle your estate sale, you’ll want to vet them to ensure your project will be executed with tact, understanding, and professionalism. Here are some of the most important questions you’ll want to ask estate sale companies to decide if their abilities can accommodate your needs:

4 Questions to Ask Estate Sale Companies

1. What are your services? From organizing the sale itself, to choosing what items to sell and finding a loving home for your most valuable pieces — estate sale companies may vary in their capabilities and the services they offer. Develop an understanding of how estate sale companies can assist you during this transitionary period by asking the scope of their abilities.

2. What are your fees? Estate sale companies often choose to take either a flat rate, percentage of gross sales, or some combination of both. To establish that your chosen company is within your budget, inquire about the payment process.

3. Can you describe your history and experience? Different companies will have varying amounts of years spent, skill, and experience in the industry. Having an idea of your estate sale company’s background and any specialties they may have can help you make a more informed decision.

4. How do you evaluate and price items? It’s important to understand the process in which real estate companies assess merchandise to determine pricing. Having knowledge of the details on how real estate companies decide the value of an item and market conditions can help you in choosing who to hire.