4 Tips for Preparing for Estate Auctions

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The task of liquidating a home’s belongings can be a daunting one, but with the help of a professional, estate auctions do not have to present such a tedious challenge. Estate sale companies assist in helping clients with many aspects of the sale process, allowing you to be as hands-off as possible. However, if you wish, there are a few measures you may choose to take in preparation for an upcoming estate sale that can help ensure these belongings have a smooth transition to new homes:

4 Tips for Preparing for Estate Auctions

1. Determine and remove items not for sale: Depending on your preference, this can be done with as little or as much involvement from your estate sale company as you choose. This process involves searching the home thoroughly to determine which items will be kept and which will be sold in estate auctions.

2. Don’t rule out small items: When it comes to estate auctions, a common rule is to — within reason — not throw anything away, as commonplace household objects like cutlery, books, bedding, cleaning supplies, and tools can make more profit than you may expect.

3. Clean: While it’s not recommended to tend to items that may be particularly fragile or valuable — for example, antiques — some clients prefer to dust, pick up, and wash certain items themselves. If you feel inclined to do so, this can be another step of preparation you may take before the auction.

4. Find and safeguard personal items: You or your loved one may have belongings that you wish to keep private and uninvolved in the sale process. If you wish to personally handle items like diaries, journals, letters, financial records, photos, food, and jewelry yourself, you may opt to remove these from the home prior to the auction.