5 Questions to Ask a Home Designer

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When it’s time for the interior of your home to get a refresh, you’re tasked with finding and selecting a home designer who will not only interpret your vision well but also elevate the possibilities past what you’ve imagined. If you’re hoping to find a home designer who can bring your dream home interior to fruition, here are some questions you’ll want to ask to better understand them and their work:

5 Questions to Ask a Home Designer

1. What is your design style? Find out how well your home designer will meld with your personal taste by inquiring about their approach and philosophy when it comes to their work.

2. Can you describe your experience? You’ll want to have an understanding of how long your home designer has been in the industry and what types of projects they’re familiar with handling.

3. What services do you offer? Getting an idea of the scope of your home designer’s capabilities can help you determine if they will be a good fit for you and your needs.

4. What is the cost of your services? Questions concerning the estimated cost of your plan should be answered early on in the process to ensure that the interior design project will be within your budget.

5. How do you communicate and display your ideas? From the initial consultation to the final big reveal of your completed home interior, you’ll want to have an open line of communication with your home designer. Designers vary in how involved they like their clients to be, with some preferring a hands-off method rather than involving clients in every step. Get an idea of how your home designer collaborates and presents their ideas by asking for details about their process.