A Professional Guide to Choosing the Perfect Custom Curtains

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Curtains are probably the most overlooked accessory when it comes to interior design. And yet, a home can only be considered complete if its windows are fitted with the right set of curtains. As a high-end homeowner looking to increase the aesthetic appeal of your interior décor, we recommend you always opt for custom curtains for your home.

A Professional Guide to Choosing the Perfect Custom Curtains

Nevertheless, we understand how challenging it can be to choose the perfect set of custom curtains. Therefore, we decided to suggest a few professional pointers that can help make your choice easier.

  • Choose suitable fabrics. There are numerous curtain fabrics on the market, from cotton to velvet. Therefore, it’s important to bear in mind your room setting. A formal space may require silk or velvet, a casual feel may need some linen, while cotton blends with any décor. Your fabric choice will also be determined by your willingness to block or let it in external light to your space.
  • Choose suitable color schemes. Before settling down for a specific curtain color, you should note that your existing décor’s color is important in maintaining a harmonized look. If you really want to blend colors, choose curtain colors that match those of your walls. Ideally, they should have a darker shade or a non-dominant color in the room, such as the rug’s shade.
  • Choose suitable curtain measurements. Most windows in your home will vary in length and width. Thus, it is essential to have accurate measurements of all your windows. The right measurements will ensure you get custom curtains that fit and cover your windows perfectly.

Curtains are an important element of your home décor. At Interiors by Moyanne, we provide a full range of custom window treatments, including custom curtains. Talk to us today to experience redefined luxury for your home.