Architectural Plans: Why an Interior Designer Needs to Review Them

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Architectural plans form the basis of any construction or renovation project. Similarly, they dictate interior design options once the project is near completion. That’s why before formulating their décor plans, interior designers consult a home’s architectural blueprints.

Architectural Plans: Why an Interior Designer Needs to Review Them

Architectural plans are more than just measurements – these roadmaps embed spatial secrets that empower (or limit) function and flow. Let’s have a look at why interior designers need to review them before any interior design project:

  • To Determine the Needs and Goals of Every Space. Interior designers meticulously evaluate architectural plans to obtain room dimensions, connections, natural light exposure, and traffic flow through the lens of real-life use. Will the dining area accommodate a 10-person holiday gathering? Does the narrow galley kitchen allow multiple cooks? This spatial intel informs smart furnishing selections and placement for optimal ergonomics.
  • To Determine the Best Fittings and Features. Consulting architectural plans takes the guesswork out of styling. Exact measurements allow the procuring of appropriately scaled fittings and features ahead of time, thus minimizing costly returns and delays. For example, a window’s dimensions will determine the best measurements for the required custom window treatments. Also, ceiling heights will inform the ideal hanging heights for lighting fixtures and art.
  • To Recommend any Necessary Changes to the Plans. Whenever there are layout limitations that complicate functional usage, interior designers can recommend revisions to architectural plans if feasible. Even small tweaks – like widening a doorway by a few inches – can carry functional benefits. By flagging spatial shortcomings early, the changes will be easier to implement without financial implications, thus guaranteeing the future livability of your space. 

If you have an upcoming house remodeling or construction project, talk to us about how we can help you achieve your dream home interior. We’ll ensure that your home’s architectural plans inform our interior design plan. Contact us today to get started.