Four Reasons Estate Sales Need Professional Oversight

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If you’re planning an estate sale, you may wonder whether you should handle everything alone or bring in a professional to oversee the process.

Four Reasons Estate Sales Need Professional Oversight

While it may seem like a good idea to save money and manage the sale yourself, here are four reasons why estate sales need professional oversight.

  1. Specialized Knowledge. Estate sales professionals have the experience and expertise necessary to manage a successful sale. They know how to price items correctly, advertise the sale, and manage the flow of customers. They also have connections with buyers looking for the items you are selling, so more of your items sell.
  2. Maximizing Profits. Estate sales can produce a significant amount of money. Professional estate sale organizers know how to price items to maximize profits. They can determine the actual value of items and set prices to attract buyers while still generating revenue for the estate. This can result in a higher overall profit than if the sale were managed independently.
  3. Objectivity. Whether clearing out a beloved childhood home or downsizing your own home, estate sales can be emotional. At Interiors by Moyanne, we handle every estate sale with care. We also have the objectivity to help you decide what to sell and what to keep, and we interact with buyers.
  4. Time and Effort. Managing an estate sale requires a significant amount of time and effort. A professional estate sale company can sort and organize items, set up the sale, and handle transactions. This frees up time for the estate’s representatives to focus on other matters, such as legal or financial issues.

Estate sales are an excellent way to add to the value of an estate, but doing one yourself is an emotionally arduous task. We can help you during this life transition by handling all of the estate sale details. Contact us to get more information.