Three Home Interior Design Trends to Skip This Year

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Having a beautiful aesthetic in your home is an important part of the way it functions and your enjoyment. While there have been many past trends that serve homeowners well, there are others that could certainly be left behind for good.

Three Home Interior Design Trends to Skip This Year

In the past few years, there have been many home interior design trends that have enhanced living spaces of all shapes and sizes, and other trends that have been fleeting. However, if you’re planning an upgrade to your home this year, there are a few past-year home interior design trends you may wish to skip in 2022.

  1. Open Floor Plans- Open floor plans are a wonderful design concept that works in many different types of homes. However, after the pandemic led many of us to both live and work at home, the open floor plan design may not serve your needs anymore. Looking for opportunities to update your interior spaces so that there are designated areas for each part of your daily life may be an important choice for 2022.
  2. Boucle Fabrics- Boucle fabrics are soft, durable, and add a pleasing texture. If your entire home seems to be covered in different variations of this fabric, however, home interior design trends suggest this is one that is on the way out. Updates to more popular and lasting materials like high-quality leather seem to be more on-trend for 2022, while boucle fabrics are only used as simple accents throughout a room.
  3. All-White- For many years, the crisp, clean effect of all-white rooms has been on-trend. It now seems that this trend is on its way out, with a new emphasis on earth tones and pops of color to add a comfortable and cozy feeling to living and working spaces.

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