Tips to Make Your Custom Curtains Look Grander

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Gone are the days of ceiling-to-floor velvet being a luxury reserved only for palaces or Victorian mansions. With enough interior design know-how on your side, you can easily channel this grand old-world charm right into your home.

Tips to Make Your Custom Curtains Look Grander

In this blog, we’re revealing the easy elevating techniques that will transform your already-luxurious custom curtains into majestic focal points worthy of a spread in a magazine.

  1. Hang Them High, Spread Them Wide. Hanging rods closer to the ceiling and extending your curtain rods past the window frame will make standard floor-length drapes appear taller and wider. The billowing ripples of your grand custom curtains will attract admiration..
  2. Use Statement Hardware. Intricate metallic curtain holdbacks can add an ornamental touch to your custom curtains that are fit for royalty. Decorative finials on the curtain rods themselves cap off the luxurious presentation with a striking style. Additionally, oversized rings, rods and pulls serve to underline the luxury of your custom curtains.
  3. Consider Lighting. Strategically placed track lights or recessed strip lights above and floor track lighting below cast a glow on the gorgeous fabrics, putting the spotlight on your custom curtains’ fine textures and patterns. The luminous fabrics can then become the main focus of your interior design, rather than just decorative accents inside your home.

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