I have been buying from Interiors By Moyanne’s business Estates & Consignments for years. Prices on antiques are way below market, and the store is huge. I have also purchased European (French) antiques from her design center, primarily architectural fragments, art and antique lighting. A great place to buy antiques; we have a French Second Empire home and have furnished two rooms primarily on goods from her two stores way below auction cost. I have worked with her on several projects, and all went very well. One of the best places to snag good deals on antiques in Lynchburg and they sell Farrow & Ball paint.
Zeke L.

Great place located on Commerce & 13th. When you walk into Interiors By Moyanne’s place, you will feel like you are taking a stroll through Europe. This is a full-on interior decorating place where you can browse some awesome ideas for your home: interesting pieces of furniture, wall treatments, upholstery, paint and an eclectic selection of other items. You should walk all around the large rooms to discover all the interesting things here and there. Super friendly and helpful folks working here allow you to browse with no pressure – my kind of place. You can get some great ideas for your place, or they can assist you with that if you are like me and have no imagination. What are you waiting for? Get in there and spruce up your home!
Franco C.

I’ve always enjoyed browsing through the upper level of Interiors By Moyanne’s. My friends and I always find great deals on rare, one-of-a-kind items. Huge warehouse with a laidback, easy atmosphere. We try to go when we have extra time. Don’t want to miss anything! She always has great deals and unique inventory! Made it downstairs for the first time today and got 70 percent off the Christmas shop. I bought 5 Hallmark NFL ornaments, and they cost $1.58! Too much fun! The staff is always personable and helpful as well. I go home feeling satisfied to find what I was looking for and then some! Thank you!
Sheila W.